Psalms 103

This is an old blog from a few months ago:

Hey everyone,
I am getting used to having this blog available to me everyday. My thought of the day is the goodness of God. In Psalm 103 David praises the Lord for God’s goodness. I have been meditating on this Psalm all day. David breaks down some reasons why God is to be blessed.

He says forget not all his benefits.

What are his benefits?

1. He forgives our iniquity- As believers we have been washed by the blood of Jesus. God has provided the atonement for our sin by the blood of his son. He longer holds our sins against us. For the unreedeemed God has made a way, there is nothing that you have done that can seperate you from his love. He is faithful to forgive.

2. He heals our diseases- This verse promises us that God is the God who heals our infirmities and sickness.

3. He redeems our life from the pit- God loves to take those that do not deserve his love and mercy(that would be all of us) and redeem them to himself.

Remember the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!


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