Here I am God enjoy me…did I just say that

The thought of day is the goodness of God. Filed under attempt to know God. I have this category for all the times I start writing about God and halfway through I realize I really don’t know God at all…but he loves me.

Do we believe that God loves us unconditionally in our weakness? This is popular in the IHOP world with all that SOS stuff but it is essential to everything that we do.

God loves us right where we are at….there is nothing I can do or say to change his mind….I can’t and I will never talk him out of his goodness towards me.

Now, what throws us off is all those times we blow it with sinning, which is rebellion and gross dirty pride. These are the moments where we don’t want to sing the ‘the love songs of our heart.’

But God says….I love you….I hate your sin….I died for you….receive from me, now. It is almost like a violent demand. God is tenaciously committed to both his holiness and his love for us.

If we repent and recongnize that we have fallen short then it is said and done. Here I am God enjoy me.

Take God at his word and lean into his goodness. You will not want to sin that often after believing that you can get away with telling God to enjoy you.

I did just say that.

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