Here “IT” is

“Lets go to Lawrence”, Zack says. All day, lets stay up, drink coffee, film it and have one superb long day. These kinds of things just happen….you have to have the days where you are in the world of you and your friends. Here is our day in Lawrence.

The mood that I was feeling, questions. Ask as many questions as you can in one day. I never set a goal of how many, rather every time Kyle or Zack said some big word (like cantakerous or thoroughfare) I would demand a definition on the spot. Not only words, but concepts that I did not understand. For example, ‘Kyle is skeptism okay….is being cynical a bad thing.’ And by the end of the day I felt full of nuggets to share with the whole world, kind of like Derek’ s little girl—she says it when she learns it. Not only did I ask these guys questions but I also asked people on the street questions to…not so much, but it still applied.

For example, the highlight of the day was the last coffee stop we made. I am sitting on the bar-stool taking a shot of latte, Kyle to my right; Zack filming the entire time, that one camera angle I really like. I look up at the sign, the name of the shop, and I saw the word ‘bourgeois’. This is a French word and on the front end French words look like American words. I asked the coffee man, ‘hey what does boor-geese mean, sounding like wild boar and geese. He was dumbfounded, almost appalled that I would even ask such a question, especially at his coffee shop, he just thought it was funny. We cleared it up, it means the middle class, its French plus I got a free film out of it.

On the way home we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart, ‘its like an amusement park’, Zack said. Zack compared it to this, Kyle shot it down. It was about 4pm when we made it back to KC. I took a power nap for 20 and then we went and celebrated Sarah’s B-day downtown at Buca Di Bepo, this place is cool, minus the influx of pics on the wall. I was really tired, so I drank a lot of Mountain Dew. I sang happy B-Day to this random person named Robin. I was wearing a similar outfit to the crew so I blended right in(red shoes, tie, and white shirt.) I had the most awkward moment of my life while at this place. Z and I were walking towards the bath room and I thought we were going to say hi to these ladies on the way there, there table was next to the bathroom. We knew these girls and like always, I feel obligated to make an appearance to the people. Zack left me hanging and I said, ‘lets say hi’ out loud while walking towards them. Zack then precedes to leave, they look up, and I got nothing. I turn around and follow him we later talk about the awkwardness.

My day ended the way it started two days ago when after Sarah’s party, a five hour theological discussion with my friend Nick and walking around Hy-Vee with my best bro Greg, I told him we should film something at the house of pancakes, just so as we started the day Friday morning we can end it on Saturday. I shared with Greg this short story I am working on……I went home and finally, after 48 hours, went to sleep.

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