Eager Beaver

Speaking of beavers special shout out to Nick Beaver at ZHOP. He is getting married in March, if I got the cash I am there. Nick and I were roommates in FITN. We were loud, obnoxious and always in our little world of Spike and Ratchet. Anyhew….eager beaver is term that is mostly associate with to much zeal for a simple task. The other night Zack gave me some ushering marching orders for the night. He meant the first three rows, I thought he said the whole front of the prayer room. I told 55 people plus some non-people to stop pacing(dogs, cats, exc.) All to find out that my eagerness overrode listening to what the big man said. I laughed when I heard the news. I am learning to laugh at stuff like this, besides its just pacing in the PR.

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