Slippery slapaty snow storm

Yeah so it snowed last night. Snow is like white thick construction paper soaked in agua falling out the sky a million miles a second. Luckily, it only snowed two inches, just enough to keep us able to travel but still provides slippery snow. My excuse for what I am about to say is because of the slippery slapaty snow storm but really I just need to slow down. I backed out of the driveway and hit the family mailbox. The left bottom corner of the box got cracked just enough for the world to see. Lucky for me there was a check in there for myself, the check should help when I break the mailbox news to Zack attack. To conclude: be safe out there and watch out for mailboxes when you drive backwards.

2 thoughts on “Slippery slapaty snow storm

  1. anita hensley

    sorry dude! it could happen to anyone… i love the way you break the news on the blogs!
    hey you want to see something cool?
    /\ ____

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