The passionate passion of the Christos

Today my class watched Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. Everything was going good for me, as far as me not talking during the movie, then this one girl came into the scene when Jesus was carrying his cross. The whole class is in awestruck silence at the passionate passion in this scene. I just happen to comment on things in movies out loud when I notice things(I get this from my dad). I said, ‘no way, that is the girl from spidey-2.‘ Well, the girls in front of me thought it was funny and I think everyone else was glad this was Jared’s last class..anyway, the passionate passion of the Christos is beyond comprehension. In three weeks I have been struck with one simple thought: without a proper understanding of Christology we have no theology. We have nothing to live for unless we know the man in the red letters, unless we enounter the words on the pages.

This is cliche at the HOP, ‘we must have encounter’, you hear that a lot. It has been hitting my heart more and more that as much as we say this we need to keep saying it. We need to remind each other that everything we read and study should point us to Christ. We need to be determined to know Christ and Him crucified. We need to understand the birth, life, death, resurrection and return of Christ. Our lives have to be enraptured in his passionate passion for us. Concluding: His passion for us led him to the cross, which should then lead us to lay down our live for each other.

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