Its Freakin’ Friday Man!

Friday is the greatest day ever for me. Why? Cause its all about hanging with my friends, loving each other and not worrying so much about all the responsibilities we all have throughout the week. My group of friends usually consists of Zack, Kyle, Tim, Charity, and the best for last: Gregory Jazachchaahahak. I am sure there are many others that I am leaving out and Charity made the list because we’re hanging out in 10 minutes and she participated in the filming of the splits video. Really, I am trying to justify the list so no one gets offended, but its bound to happen….anyhow Friday is always a good time. I usually end my day in thankfulness to God for the amazing older, more mature, life experienced people that he has given me and that they would actually invite a young man like me into their circle of elderness, ha, lots has changed since high school…..stay tuned for a story reflecting my freakin’ Friday.

7 thoughts on “Its Freakin’ Friday Man!

  1. I have to say that hanging out last night was one of the highlights of hilarity in my year so far. And if everyone else is jealous that they didn’t get to go to first friday with us, just wait two months and you can see the video!

  2. Amen.O, by the way the splits video is on You Tube as of last night, I am working on getting the link on my blog, but you can search for it under “the splits.” or type Jared Diehl…it should work…..

  3. That was so incredibly funny!! You think it would get old watching a guy do the splits for 8 minutes, but it never did! I honestly laughed out loud the entire time…. and you have to be sore after that!

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