Freaky Friday, very freaky

Like I said Friday is the greatest day ever of the whole week. Because I have such high expectations for Friday to be so grandiose if Friday is lame then I get really sad. The night was okay, it wasn’t not fun but it also wasn’t the funnest(not a word). We began the night with eating rice and beans and watching the splits video for the 10th time(It was Kyle and Charity’s first time). Then we went to a plethora of art galleries in downtown KC. Art is cool and I am a fan but there is some art out there that just straight up freaks me out. We went upstairs at this one gallery and lets just say I am never going upstairs at that gallery ever again. Lastly, the night ended with extreme drowsiness while we were eating. I would have to say that the Ethiopian coffee I had was pretty freaky tasting. The highlight of the night was posting the splits video on You Tube.(I am working on posting the link, search: ‘The Splits.’

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