I love life….and Zack

While sitting on the floor and feeling the numbness of my bottom, watching Sky High for the umpteenth time( 30-40 times now) I heard my favorite line of the whole movie: “I love life.” Today we celebrated Zack’s 25th birthday and in the next few days it will be all about Zack Attack, I will blog at how much I love Zack and appreciate all that he has brought into the world. So, stay tuned for lots of talking and story telling of Zack and I.

‘I love life.’ What does this really mean? I have been thinking much about my own goofiness and over-the-top craziness at times(while awake), especially in the last month and I am wondering where it all comes from. Yes, some of it has been passed down from other family members, but mostly I would say it is the Joy of the Lord. It is the pleasure of God and the delight of knowing that he loves me in my weakness. These things that have been in my mind are striking my heart. The phrase ‘I love life’ was something I used to say when I was a little boy.

My mom would call me Joy Mans. There was only one of me(in case the s makes you think there is more than one Jared Diehl, cause there’s not). I would wake up with that ugly crew cut I used to have and say, ‘I love my life!’ I love everything about my life and it is true today as it was then, I love life. I love the fact that I have done so many stupid things, made a ton of mistakes, done the wrong things at the wrong time, said yes to the wrong things, and the list goes on and I am still here. I am still breathing and alive and loving Jesus and smiling down the narrow road. Where I am today is because of him and that’s all I need to know for me to say, ‘I love life.’

In conclusion, hearing it in the movie reminds me of the truth of what it means to love life. ‘I love life’, never do I want to stop saying this.

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