Lost powercord and one to many excuses

I am still trying to figure out why we justify not blogging. I mean, its my freaking blog why should I try so hard to update it 4 times a day.

Anyway, I have misplaced my power cord for my smoking hot PowerBook G4 that all the blog people own.

Not having my power cord has made it difficult to blog more extensivly( my personal goals, you probably don’t care).

Not having the PC has shown me that I really do need my computer more than I think.

If you have seen it, call me, or email, or call.

I was also late again to class and well, I have no excuse.

I have no excuse because excuses are for little boys. I am a man and I was late. And when a man is late he says he is late and then keeps his mouth shut.

But thank you Z for waking me up, if not I would still be asleep.

Much love to all these views I keep getting, I am assuming you are IHOPERS(all 150 of ya) or foreigners that I have never met in my life( I prefer these peeps.)

 I am out.(not of stuff to say, but out of time to keep blogging)

6 thoughts on “Lost powercord and one to many excuses

  1. Aaron

    i’d lend you mine, but i’m in the UK. But as a reader I would have to say I could quite easily justify your blogging. :o)
    stay neat man!

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  3. YO! your welcome! i actually could have woke you up at 2:30 and you wouldn’t have been late, but I started my morning routine thinking you’d figure it out, then at 3, I was dang that boy needs to get up! It’s all good dude! this is the best day of your life!

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