Ruckus Journal history book facts

Jen has posed the question, “What is the Ruckus journal all about?”

The first blog I posted on this site was called ‘why is it called the Ruckus Journal’ and somewhere in that wordy post I give the reader some answers

Fact and Term to be aware of: ORIGINAL RUCKUS

I use the term original Ruckus referring to when I was 15 years old and the idea to start the Ruckus journal began.

McCrew– My crew of friends from Fort Collins, Colorado and Resurrection Fellowship(Loveland, Colorado)

The McCrew and original Ruckus is where my idea for ‘The Ruckus Journal’ started.

The summer of 2001: AJ(also known as Aaron Hupp, Aaron Joseph), his younger brother Isaiah Hupp and my friend Andy Schliger all got summer jobs at the local McDonald’s.

In Fact it was around this time 6 years ago, April 8, 2001 was the day I got hired. I remember it was close to Easter and I was playing Lacrosse for my school at the time.

I was the first person in the Crew(Forerunner) to get hired at McDonald’s, then Andy and Isaiah followed. A few months later we convinced AJ to quit his job at the movie theatre and join us.

Myself and Andy were 15, Isaiah was 14 and AJ was 16. These age differences made for many laughs while the corporate people dished out the worst jobs for the 14 year olds and the even grosser jobs for the 16 year olds.

We had all known each other through youth group but we didn’t really mesh together until that summer.

The Summer of Ruckus: this is another name for that season. The birth of causing a great disturbance.

We would do everything together. Of course, what else are you going to do when you are all crazy.


The noun form Ruckus means: great disturbance and noisy commotion.

The McCrew had language(just as me and Z have language, and just as you and your crew of friends have language)

We would say to each other ‘lets go Ruckus!’ That always meant get in trouble on purpose.

The plethora of getting in trouble stories is documented in the ORIGINAL RUCKUS JOURNAL.

I was the stenographer of the group. AJ was the Actor. Chris was full of brilliant one-liners and witticisms to document. Isaiah was in touch with the Holy Spirit and would always calm all of us down, especially his big brother AJ and Jared Diehl(he is always crazy).

Chris was apart of the crew but not McCrew. Chris Melson is the smartest kid I know and was always fun to ride with. Chris was the driver of the group. If you needed a driver(person to drive us around) then he was your man. Chris was hesitant at first about RUCKUS but AJ and I could talk anyone into doing anything.(which is still true today)

The epiphany moment: the summer of Ruckus season #1(another term) came to an end and school was in session for all of us. I missed my friends already but was glad that McDonald’s was over.

AJ and I were walking and talking at the mall and ironically enough I had smoked pot for the first time that weekend(not with the crew, with some other hoodlums).

I regretted getting high for a billion reasons. I am the kind of the person that doesn’t need drugs. Drugs slow me down. I Ruckus without drugs, so drugs just make things worse.

I was walking and talking with AJ about life and we were joking about one day getting high together and the Holy Spirit moved on me(thanks for praying mom) and I told AJ what I had done.

AJ looked at me like a best friend would and said, ‘that’s bad, you really shouldn’t have done that.’ I was thinking AJ was going to let me get away with it, but my friends, my ‘real friends’, they stick to me closer than a brother.

It was this very day that I repented for smoking drugs and the idea to document the summer of Ruckus began.

I spent the three hours we had left together talking about every story that had already taken place with us. AJ and I worked really well together. My detailed brain and his emotion and exaggeration enabled me to remember everything the ‘McCrew’  had already done.

In this time of talking about the Summer of Ruckus we also highlighted other stories from our youth group.

And yes indeed I am still writing, just with a new GREAT DISTURBANCE in mind.


6 thoughts on “Ruckus Journal history book facts

  1. Is “sitting in his presence” the “drug” you mentioned in your last post?

    If so, its an out-moded metaphor. It subsumes the holy into the squalid, as if prayer is “getting high on Jesus.”– I don’t think it works.

  2. Chris "Wheelman" Melson

    Ahhh, immaturity….good times! So I wasn’t a part of McCrew, whatever. I’ll remind you that I was CEO and co-founder of HTC, which made McCrew look like a weekly cross-stitching gathering of carpel-tunneled senior citizens.

  3. Chris Melson,
    I am going write stories about you and of course “A million in one different directions!” You have better grammar than me, more money, smoother skin(no acne) and more music in your ipod than anyone I know(except my roommate Z and AJ).

    HTC- this is full of stories(I still have videos from all the idleness and occasionally one-liners from all of us)

    You were and still are the “wheelman” and it is still true today that I have the worst driving skills, especially when the goal of the drive is ‘ruckus!’

    I also overuse and abuse the exclamation point(see original ruckus journal).

    good talking last night and next time I will let you talk too.

    Love ya,

  4. Jessica Galloway

    I don’t know how I found this but it is truely amazing jared! You really captured the spirit of the group. ..very nice work their friend.
    I have never laughed more than when I was hanging with you guys…Ahh good times. Like the one time that You proposed to me at PITP liek uh id on’t know…..five or so times and then continued to ask my mom if it was okay. That was funny.
    WEll, I miss all of ya. Send me an email sometime. I would love to hear what you guys are up to.

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