Audacious travel goals(leaving for Cali. in 8 hours)

I will pick up the Easter discussion next week.

Two months ago I went home and visited my family for the first time in seven months. Visiting family can mean a plethora of things for people, for me it is always exciting. Read here.

I plan on not blogging for five days, so I might just write like a camel and give you a verbose post in order to make up for five days of not writing. A Camel stores up water for weeks and months at a time in order to survive the rigors of the blistering hot deserts. Humans can only go three days without water before death seems like a convenient option. Humans also can go millions of days without reading The Ruckus Journal, but it helps me to imagine millions of people desperately clamoring for Ruckus news and “pearls of wisdom.”

Average Diehl Family reunion looks like(from Journal)

“Obscure interjections at the dinner table that we all make at each other every 30 seconds. We(especially me) as a family have the “gift of interruption.” I think I have grown in this area since I have been away for almost three years but every time I go home I see my lack of growth in interrupting others. On the flip-side it is family and fighting each other with words that is apart of the ruckus, its apart of growing. The more I open up to my family the more I can trust that they will trust my idiosyncrasies and all the things they don’t see each day in KC.”

Family has the “gift of discernment.” Whether you call that term a biblical one or not, family sees right through your lying tendencies. If Jared is lying to Alyssa than mom just knows it. If dad is exaggerating to all of us his next ambition in life we all know it. If mom sings a song and thinks she can sing than we all just tell her she can’t sing, but she can do a multitude of other wonderful things. If Jared still thinks he is going to model for Abecrombie than mom, dad and sister all agree that those guys in the posters actually exercise, so Jared is disqualified.

I don’t want anything but to love my family members. I have the greatest family a guy could ask for. My family has expanded in the past two years with my brother-in-law Scott. I call him brother or Scott. Scott is such an amazing man of God, he has lived life and knows what it takes to lead a women and people. Scott has been my big brother for two years now and each visit home is always refreshing.

Mom and dad are chill. Most of the time they just want to catch up and let me tell them everything about IHOP and life. I have made a habit of playing videos for them each trip home. My dad says the same thing at the end of each video, “so when do you actually pray?” He only says this because I show him the life of Z and J which is all of the stuff me and Z do outside of the prayer room, which is the social interactions we have with the world outside of the PR.

My mom is always full of wisdom and stories. We always take long walks on the beach and realize how out of shape we both are, especially me. I played hockey for six years and was an animal on the ice but since I stopped five years ago I haven’t been in “hockey” shape.

Audacious travel goals(letting you in on my plans)

Goal #1: Love my sister who will be 24 on Saturday(4-14)

Goal #2: Read 91 pages a day in Grapes of Wrath

Goal #3: Write a commentary on the book of Proverbs only using my bible

Goal #4: Run everyday, either on beach or on treadmill

Goal #5: Love my dad and try to follow the fast cars around the track on Sunday(4-15)

Goal #6: Call my friend Jake who turned 24 on March 27 and come up with an excuse of why I forgot to call on his birthday

Goal #7: Don’t assume I can use Alyssa and Scott’s home computer

Goal #8: Observe all of God’s kids who are walking to and fro throughout the earth, whether saved or unsaved, some are masquerading as misfits and others are wearing neck ties and suit coats. I find it intriguing to watch all the faces when I am in the airport. I pray that if He tells me to speak that I would speak.

Concluding fact: I am not bringing my computer this trip, just raw paper, pens and books.

Hear me on Monday.

Jared Martin Diehl

17 thoughts on “Audacious travel goals(leaving for Cali. in 8 hours)

  1. Jared! We will miss you. Have a wonderful time. I love you new layout, btw. And I loved watching you ush the PR tonight in your snazzy yellow vest. I’d like to see someone try something with you on the watch.

    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – I love the Ruckus Journal! I enjoyed this post. See you soon!

    PS – I think you should run on the beach.

  2. I lived in Southern Cali for like 8 months in Lake Arrowhead then I moved to Northern.. I lived in Roseville right outside of Sacramento… 2 hours to the beach, 2 hours to Lake Tahoe… it was glorious.

  3. Chris Melson

    I still want to a hidden camera video of a Diehl family dinner. Have a great time on the beach. I’ll just be here, in Colorado, freezing. Oh, by the way, it’s snowing right now, but I’m not jealous.

  4. I have missed the ruckus to.

    I just posted a new header.

    I started feeling ill yesterday at the race car track.

    I am officially at Higher Grounds in KC, MO at 7pm.

    It feels good to be home.

    I will try to post a summary of my trip tonight.

    If I don’t its because I am sick.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. CM- the dinner table scene was pleasantly tranquil.
    However, jorge was intrigued by the new flat screen tv that my sister and scott bought for my parents. His distraction by the mighty ducks playing made for more “dinner time” memories.

    All in all Susie Diehl is a good cook, each night was filled with home cooked meals that reminded me of when we were in HS and I would look forward to my mom being in town and cooking for the fam.

    P.S. Is it still snowing?

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