Did I meet my audacity?: summary of cali. trip Pt. ONE

First and foremost I will answer the question that has kept everyone up late at night.

How much of your audacious goals did you accomplish?

I am never entirely sure who I am talking to so I am going to assume everyone reading has never met me before.

I am a very daring and determined person. A daring and determined person could be called an “over achiever”. Over achievers usually get bad reps from their classmates in junior high because over achievers are never satisfied with the amount of “class homework” that the teacher assigns to the class. The over achiever will always want more work to do than the quota because they are born to think that way. I never was called an “over achiever” in school, mostly because of my laziness and persistence in apathy.

Now, years later, I care about education, so when something like a trip home comes up I make audacious goals, whether or not they get accomplished is not a big Diehl for me, the bigger Diehl is that I made them.

Here is my evaluation

Goal #1: Yes, I did indeed love my sister with all of my heart. I showered her with my hugs and kisses. I tried to be as creative as possible in my gift giving this year, instead an ordinary Target birthday card I made her a little package of little gifts wrapped up in pink tissue paper(my new favorite color). And I did give her the cliched Target card but took the creative card people’s idea and reworded and redacted it to have some little brother loves big sister flare. My sister said, “less is certainly not more with you.” She said this after staring at my wordy card and the picture I drew with a green and a black pen.

Goal #2: Didn’t read one single page of Grapes of Wrath. It just sat on my desk and looked at me the whole trip.

Goal #3: I started writing the commentary but didn’t realize how long an actual commentary would take. I stated arranging verses topically. For example, I found all the verses in 31 chapters that mention ‘friendship.’ So far, 17:17 and 18:24 go together. I spent each day reading the Proverb of the day according to the date of the month, this was good for my soul.

Goal #4: I ran on the treadmill on Friday while watching Dawson’s Creek. The run was good and the show almost made me vomit.

Goal #5: The race on Sunday(4-15) was fun minus the sickness that overtook me when I woke up early Sunday morning. The scorching heat was healthy for my nocturnal skin. I look a lot more middle eastern now that my tan is back. I was rooting for Will Power, the fierce Australian, to win but instead that one French guy won. Click here for more.

Goal #6: I never called my friend Jake and therefore I was never given the opportunity to make up a story of why I forgot to call him for his 27th birthday.

Goal #7: I did not assume that Scott and Alyssa’s home computer was mine to use. I asked politely like a guest in their home. This was good for me because I have assumed in the past and that turned out not good for me.

Goal #8: “Observe all of God’s kids who are walking to and fro throughout the earth, whether saved or unsaved, some are masquerading as misfits and others are wearing neck ties and suit coats. I find it intriguing to watch all the faces when I am in the airport. I pray that if He tells me to speak that I would speak.”

Yes, I observed and my conclusion of what I observed will be part two of the summary of this trip.

6 thoughts on “Did I meet my audacity?: summary of cali. trip Pt. ONE

  1. kylegebhart

    i’m only commenting because i like you. and i want to see if my comment links back to my blog b/c for some reason it doesn’t on a bunch of people’s sites and it make me sad.

  2. blippity blow! thanks for helping me Dj it up tonight!Glad your audaciouness was met with accomplishment and misspelled words! Remember when you fumbled the joy stick!…ah…uncle uncle!

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