Final Draft of ChronoIANS( I am posting one hour prior to live performace in NT Class)

ChronIANs: A rap of the chronological order of NT(when written, not the canon)


Written by Jared Diehl

Rap Name: Martin Silverfox (been rap/stage name for five years)

Kansas City Rap Name: Silverfox in Kansas City

Special thanks to: Friday writer’s group(especially Lizzie!)

Special thanks to: Fox Hills in Fort Collins, CO for the 4 years of High school

Special thanks to: Zack Attack and ZJ productions

Special thanks to: My parents and Jesus for creating my tan skin

Amount class paid: $17.69


Class: Terry Teri’s New Testament Theology

Date: Monday April 23, 2007



In the beginning Galatians

Musing James and

Pasta-Paul’s Thessalonians

The Carnal Corinthians

Capital R——Romans

Gospel Eight Mark an–d

Individual Phile–mon

Christ raising Colossians

Reviving Ephesians

Luke the physician scribblin’

Acts of the Apostles n’ Jews n’ Gentiles seeing all kinds of revivals



Chain jingling Philippians

Young Tim don’t be afraidIAN

Titus fighting evil Cretans

Second Tim, Paul’s drink offer—in’


Persecuted Peter’s Dispers—in

False teaching for the second time n’ (some call him Simon)


Tax collecting Mathew—and

The wandering Hebrew


Teeny Twenty Two book of Jude( 24 verses dude)

Pretty Lady second Johnny to the little childrn’ 

False Christ swaying an confessing sin n’

divine healing in third John an—d

John’s Gospel n’

Rogue men torching in the book of RevelatIAN————we done with the chronIANs.


*Wish me luck, I am still fighting the sickness.

5 thoughts on “ChornIANS

  1. Hey there J,
    Thought I stop by and say,
    Wow, it’s been a lotta days
    I’m glad you’re bein’ paid
    Because this is really aclaim
    And you even have a new name!

    Anyway, I haven’t seen your site in a while, and it’s good to see you’re still you, and going strong in the silliness vain, sorry youve been in pain? 🙂
    hope/pray you feel better soon.

    Bree the Israeli…

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