Longest Shift Ever Worked

Yesterday, as you all know, was Easter Sunday. Hallelujah for Resurrection Day! As many people were sitting in the pews at church I was working all day and all night. I worked 13 hours and 9 minutes busing tables and sorting silverware at Cinzettis. I was so proud of myself for this accomplishment that I saved my time card receipt and I posted it on my bulletin board.

So, what’s your longest shift?


3 thoughts on “Longest Shift Ever Worked

  1. Emily Mea

    14 hours and 5 minutes – my normal 13 hour shift at the time and one really really really long call later (plus a nice debrief/training moment with my supervisor).

    Oh the joys of shift work at a call center.

    Oh yeah, I only worked 3 days a week with those hours.

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