The Ruckus: I love life

As that one coneheaded guy in Sky High says, “I love life!”

And more then just a silly movie that I have all the lines memorized from watching it multiple times before going to bed and this is a really long sentence…I love life. I have been truly blessed this last week by my friends here in Kansas City. I am so blessed for Zack Attack Hensley who has been such a faithful brother and I am pumped that he is getting married this October to his women Carrie, who is also an amazing blessing. And Kyle, who always speaks life no matter what the situation. And my boy Gregorias the Jewish rapper, throwing down the lunch shifts at Cheesecake Factory and writing the rhymes of life and godliness at night.

Amazing friends who never stop loving you no matter what crimes you think you have committed that have furthered you from God and from the people who you trust will carry you through the storms of this life. As I mentioned yesterday, He never lets go of us even when we let go of him. There is nothing we have done that can separate us from Him. Every mountain in the way will only result in more valleys of humiliation and in the end we will be raised in glory with Him. My circumstance, yours, and everyone who is hitting the wall of frustration and failure, guess what, there is no failure if you choose love. Because love never fails and you can’t fail if you are in love. If everything gets destroyed and all you have is a heart that is alive with God’s love then you are successful then you will weep more when you see the King because you will be on your knees at the amount of kindness that He has extended to you and your life.

God raises the ruckus like this: His love will not fail us and that sometimes freaks us out. It is troubling sometimes to imagine a being who will not back down from pursuing us.

His presence is a great disturbance.

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