New Job At IHOP

It was the spring of 2006 when Zack and I first really started talking to each other about what was going on in our life. We had lived together for about eight months and in that time we were just roommates but not really friends. At the time we were both rigorously involved in the Night Watch at the house of prayer. I was in my second semester of my second year at FSM and Zack was working with the Fire in the Night interns. There were many great things about the Night Watch community; the people, the intensity of the night, being led by Stuart, the worship but the only thing that I had a difficult time with was going to bed right away at 6am.

When I was in the internship it was required for us to be asleep by 6:30am. This was a wise rule because anything later than this would mean sleeping in later which would result in a lack on sunlight. A lack of sun over a long period of time is very unhealthy. So, instead of just going home and staring at the ceiling for an hour Zack and I decided to get some breakfast at the International House of Pancakes. For us, it wasn’t so much about the food, more so it was about the time spent getting to know each other.

Breakfast at IHOP became a tradition and to all of the morning servers that worked there, we became regulars. Sometimes we didn’t even eat we would just get decaf coffee and talk. When the Splits was in vogue I would drop down at the restaurant and give the 1,2, 3..Splits for people that looked like they didn’t want to be embarrassed.

I blogged in February 2007 that my weight gain was due to eating to much at IHOP. The streak lasted until October 2007 for me. This would mean that we spent about a year and a half eating at an average of three times a week and some weeks we were there everyday, even on our off day.

I share all this with you because IHOP in Grandview, MO has a very soft spot in my heart. I have a lot of good memories when I think of this place and mostly because where my friendship with Zack is at now.

Because of a current financial bind that I am in now with some unpaid tickets I am in need of working as much as I can to get caught up with all my responsibilities. I got a job at the IHOP that used to be a daily stop. I just started my training last Saturday and today, Friday the 22, was my first shift on my own. As I have mentioned before, this isn’t my first serving job. First Watch taught me a lot about what it takes to be a good server. So far things have gone well. The only part about this job that I dislike is the IHOP stench. You leave that place and it seeps into your clothes like when you leave the bowling alley. But because I am making money, I think I’ll get over the smell.

I will blog more about my adventures at the house of pancakes but for now, it just makes me laugh that I am working at the same place that I used to eat at almost every day.


(Zack and I chatting away at the house of pancakes)

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