My Show, Special Episode: The Move

Just watch and see how the last three and a half years have been a remarkable time. After shedding some tears at Zack’s wedding and watching him shed some to, I look back at my time living with him with gratefulness in my heart. Zack has been such a faithful older brother to me. There are to many stories that I could tell of our friendship. This video is not meant to be sad, but it kind of is. I originally wanted to use the song “With some help from my friends,” if you remember the show The Wonder Years, that was the theme song but something happened in the edit process and I was unable to use that song. I thought this song by Coldplay was a little to sad but humorously fitting for the moment.

Its tears of Joy and tears of breaking the comfort zone. Change, whether it be good or bad, and usually its always a little bit of both; can work to help us grow and learn more about ourselves, about God, and about those that He has placed in our lives. Hope you enjoy. And don’t cry to hard.

7 thoughts on “My Show, Special Episode: The Move

  1. So, where you moving to? Who you moving in with? I saw on the video near the end a drive to Hernhut, but I was not sure whether that is where you will be living now…

    Enjoyed the video. It was great.


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