The Father Loves the Son

Mathew 11:27 says, “..No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son…”

 The other day I was toward the end of my run on the treadmill and this father came into the weight room with his son. As the father began his workout his son, with the cutest little grin on his face; started running around the weight room. By the look on the son’s face I could tell he loved his father so much and wanted to do whatever it took to get his father’s attention. As I finished my run I went over to the weight rack and grabbed some weights and did a couple of workouts on the bench. As I was catching my breath between reps I saw the little son grab some five pound weights and imitate me.


For a moment I thought, ‘this little guy wants to be like me, I must be way cool to him.’ After basking in my own glory for a few moments I stopped and realized that the little son was lifting those weights to impress his father; not me.


It was such a good picture of how we ought to be with our Father God. We don’t need to earn anything from Him, or even strive for Him to notice us; because He already does. But we want to see the look on His face when He looks at us with His perfect love.


As I have been writing some poems recently, I wrote this poem about what I experienced the other day.


He wanted the Father to

Watch Him, affirm Him,

Show Him that He can—that He

Is a man. Son, put down the weights,

I understand.

The Father loves the Son, and the son loves the Father, and together they wrap around us like warm weather.

 Safe from harm, I grab your arm, you pull me out of me

And let these eyes see infinite mercy. I am not worthy,

 I don’t fit the bill, you say be still, just sit in who I am.


 Let us remember that we have a wonderful and glorious Heavenly Father!










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