Sanctification and Marathonafication

I have kind of sort of mentioned that I am training for a marathon right now. Just to clarify and reiterate,YES, I am training for two marathons. The first, a half(13 miles) marathon set for February first. I am apart of the OC Runners club, which just means I am actually in a club. Ahhh, finally, I have been waiting for some kind of club initiation to take place in my life (so, let me know if you have a club I can join).

Then following the half is the full, official, real -deal- 26- sweaty -mile Marathon. This will be in May. The process of training for a marathon makes me think of God’s sanctification process for His children. When we come to Christ we have that one time salvation experience but continuing and walking out His ways and commandments is a daily process(sanctification) like running and training for endurance. And endurance takes much time and experience.

In our walk with God, becoming Holy as He is Holy, is definitely a process and more so than just 26 miles; its until we meet Him. God doesn’t demand that we do everything perfectly but He does set the standard; its Him.

So, clinging to His mercy and boasting in His grace causes us to bear the fruit of love and spread the sweet aroma of Christ, as Paul says. It really is just one day at time of looking to Christ to make us like Him.

“Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”

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