When The Sun Is Beaming,Its Time For Running

I woke up today with a  few seemingly ambitious goals. The usual run a little and read a little.  Since I have been training for this marathon I haven’t  been running outside, I have only been using the treadmill. I hit the treadmill hard with a short but fast 3 mile run. Then I went on a walk with my mom overlooking the ocean tide and the clear blue sky and the sun in our faces.

Silence is the never a burden when the nature of God’s creation is begging you for attention. That was most of the walk, just not talking and listening to creation.

After taking in some deep breaths I decided to scratch the goals; I want to run in this goodness.

As the sun was on its way down I ran coast to coast at Salt Creek Beach. Sore. Tired. And pushing myself like a champion the pain in my legs just seemed to not matter in light of the experience.

I am now in relax and write mode reflecting on my run just two hours ago and also finding empathy in my heart for all my friends in Kansas City who are probably freezing their booties off right now, its 7 degrees. And yes, I just said ‘booties.’

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