All Deliberate Speed: Sunny Side Up

All Deliberate Speed is my category for poems about running and training for the Marathon I am running in May. Here’s a poem from today’s beach run.

Sunny Side Up


Heart beating steadily

As I crunch the sand with

My shoes, like searching

For clues on a treasure



I prepare to stare

Straight at the compass

In my head, trespass

The areas of sandy shores

Where I can stand up

And conquer the world,

As waves roar against

the adamantine rock

and the crystalline water

I breath in the work of the Father.


My breathing increasing

Careening between toddlers

With sand buckets

As I keep running and

Truck myself along.

The shuffle moves

To the next song


Petite children falling carelessly

 Into the wet cement of sand

 Underneath them, nothing

 taking there freedom


Slogging it past strands beach

Clasping my hands, I reach

As I feel the pressure

Mount over my shoulder

This race is not over.


Frisbee discs and

Family pics and foam

Flips from surfer to surfer

Its perfect weather.


As I deviate from

The shore I anticipate

The arduous push up

The steep hill, I feel

Like I am training to kill

The elements of gravity

And all deliberate speed

Playing inside of me


There will come a day

And there will come a time

When you will run

26 times over and over

Like the ocean surf

You will conquer—earth.

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