Business As Usual

Its been some time since I have really sat down and collected my thoughts to write a somewhat enthralling post. But here is goes….

Life has been pretty much Trader Joes all day everyday; I love it! I have met so many new faces in just two weeks of working. Today marks 7 days in a row of work. Even though the glistering sun is shining ever so brightly, working inside at this place has its rewards. I am blessed among men to have this job.

Other than work I have been reading The Wasteland by T.S. Elliot to inspire myself to keep slogging it out with poetry. I aspire to be a writer in all areas but I really “think poetry” when I’m processing something to write. Maybe you other bloggers feel the same?

In the Shuffle: Jason Upton singing over the simple guitar tone about the fear of the Lord and the Fear of Man. I can never get enough of this song.

Also, “there will be days when you feel like flying  and there will be days when you feel like crying, never give up and never stop trying.” This song, Samuel, always moves me as well.

Look for more poems and more stories to tell….

Thanks for reading

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