Poets Medley

Here is a medley of my favorite phrases from all of my poems. Beginning with the Poem I’ve suffered long and ending with the poem Here for a Day.

You break in unexpected
You speed ahead and map
Out all my days. It’s true—this God,
He is perfect in all his ways.

Bring me back to the
Secret place
Like the days of my
Youth you trace,
Lead me back to
See your face.

Don’t tell me to go home.

What have I done
That hasn’t been won by
Your Son.

Shout, sing, create,
Let it out, His presence
Is what its all about.

I don’t know about tomorrow
But my eyes are on you

When perfect loving is casting out all fear,.
When I felt you in my tears

He spoke not like the Pharisee
Full of religious hypocrisy
He spoke in parables
He spoke at all variables.

A nip/tuck list must made of
All dissatisfied celebrities with
Their bodies

I feel starved for attention
And hungry for his affection

The sky broken by ownership
The world ravaged by the Prince

It spread like a tiny flood
From Omaha to Colorado
Surely, you’ve seen the tiniest

‘What do you want, my friend,
My friend, I want you to tell me
Who I am’

My soul shivers, it even slithers.
Your hide me under your feathers.

He feels it like slime running down his
Spine, it’s the rhythm and rhyme of the

The argument dangles over his head
He forgets the crown of thorns that bled

He’s the living water
He is no traitor
But Savior

No longer, he says, ‘I have heard that before’,
What are you waiting for, turn it up?

Increasing and unceasing is the force
Of the storm beyond the norm
Of all that I’ve known

Ocean tide washes by my side
I squeeze the sand
You grab a hold of my hand

Earth, breath and bones fire scorches
A million homes, do you trust me

Control our gravity,
Cause us to see

Fold your cards
Sell your house
Quit your job

I feel the urgency
Its bleeding inside of me

The cacophony of the
Symphony of signals
And shimmers of stars
Falling and men
Hiding in caves

Dying millions
Dead, sick in bed
With visions nightly,
How could this be

Your mudball fort
In the woods made
Me understood

‘Riding strong and long into
The sunset, flying by the
Train set landing on pure
Cement just to get some
Gum and buy it, own it,
Keep it.’

Laughed ourselves warm,
With no warning of right
Or wrong.

My breathing increasing
Careening between toddlers
With sand buckets

All his documents of mistreatment ,
It seems set in stone like
Wet cement

Legions march to rescue
Abort mission, torment
For a season

I know when it rains it pours
Your fog shift will lift.
And clear as rain falling on
A cloudy day,
New light will enter my way

The drug of going numb like
Candy cigarettes, let man
Borrow this placebo.

From dusk til dawn

We hide the yawn

And keep on.

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