Adolessons, Part 2

Adolessons, Part 2


The endless Uncle Juney

Summer, the so long sweet

Slumber, wake me up in

November, when I’ll be

Just a tad bit older,

Smarter, wiser


Savor the words

For December.

Burn the candle

Ember, save our

Time together for

Stormy weather.

When all five of

Us could drive

The magic Saab

Around this town,

Take off into the air

With nothing to fear,

Like Adrian Grenier’s

Entourage we seemed

To large to fit into

Our own garage,

Hasting to throw

Away garbage

Unprepared, year 17,

Maybe 18 is too old

To imagine and than

Mcdonald’s came,

Did it make us better men?

Did Ruckus nights, our weapon?

The unceasing destruction,

The vagabond reaping to

Succeed, to impede our future

We were thinner when

We didn’t eat big city

Burrito dinner.


Spiderman charades

And camera fades

To black proceeding

Our reading of our lives

For our world, audience,

Pay some patience,

We grew up too fast,

Our infinite adolescence,

We knew it wouldn’t last



You smoked me with your

Cigar smoke that night it

Was too thick not to chock

The life out of us, how

Silly to make it a car wash

After disaster cover up,

Febreeze make-up,

Got to man up, tell the

Truth, Adolessons taught

Us not to lie,

To continue to pry and

Breathe in the dry

Colorado air, inhale

Without despair,

In was the hair on

Our head you counted,

Our bones disjointed

You put back together,

November older, December

Stormy weather, but through

It all we all stayed together.

And eternity forever,

Did Wednesday night

Teach us right, kept us

Tight and close knit.

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