Tickle Me Pink

I am not endorsing this band whatsoever. If anything, don’t even let your curiousity listen to this band. I am not condemning, rather I feel compelled toward Sean Kennedy. A man I once knew for a moment of brevity. It was my senior year of highschool in Fort Collins, Colorado. Sean and I met through Resurrection Fellowship. He came out of nowhere during our Christmas talent show and of course, I was a big showboat and spoofed a song about being too emotional…then I smashed the plastic guitar into oblivion, then left the stage.

Sean, you were there, you sang that song…we will dance through the moonlight. I feel compelled to tell you what I have written in this poem. If you are out there I hope you can find this.

Its this ink bright as day I

Think, Tickle Me Pink,

I can see you’re the typical

Band that doesn’t seem

To understand that your

Lead singer is no stranger

To the altar, is no random

Man with a sleeve full

Of tattoos, rather he was

Meant for greatness and

Worship and before another

One you guys OD’s I think

You should listen to Me,

If you want to rip me the

Shreds for thinking your

Music is upsetting the dead

Life that you’re all living in,

Be my guest, I am making

One simple request: turn

And see that there is a way

Out of the rock and roll tour

Mania that has you all hooked

On stardom stamina, this one

Goes out to Sean Kennedy,

I’ve seen you before,

There is liberty, you

Probably don’t remember

Silly me getting up on stage

And acting your age, playing

My fake guitar and smashing

It on the floor, this was 2004,

Seems so far away and forgotten,

But God, Christ, and Me all

Agree that you have been

Given gifts for His mercy

To light a path, not for the

Darkness to send you back draft.


If you gain anything from this plea,

Please let it be mercy, love and truth,

I pray you change your way, this

Is no spoof, nor hate crime, I just

See and I cry, I hear his voice

Over your life, you Sean and the

Rest of the band, He has a plan,

If not for me, then turn for He.

One thought on “Tickle Me Pink

  1. Din

    How benevolent of you to spread your wisdom and prayers. I wonder why you think your answers are the only ones that matter. Should not Sean follow his own passion? Of course, followers only see the light that they percieve is from He. Your way is the only way because you think you know what He wants. What if Sean feels that he is following His own plan. You spoof; Sean performs; You preach; Sean probes. “Don’t even let your curiosity listen to this band” — why should you be scared of people discovering great new music? Do you feel that they are possessed by the Devil? Your words make me think that your thoughts are narrow minded. Perhaps you should reflect on your own issues and prejudices and worry less about Sean and Tickle Me Pink.

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