On The Thoroughfare To Somewhere, Pt. 3

Scarcity has evaded this blog and the soil of words. I haven’t had much to say, rather I have been sitting on what has already been said. And in sitting on what has been said I have realized without an epiphany that most of  what I have to say seems to fall to the ground. And when I ponder that truth I want the power of God and that’s where I am today.

Searching, reading, over and over 1 Corinthians 1 and 2. Paul is showing us why he endures so much suffering. What seems to be foolish and weak is actually the power of God. Therefore, to walk with the demonstration of the Spirit and power; we embrace foolishness. Meekness, the fruit of the Spirit, humility and the fear of the Lord produce a life-giving oracle and conduit to the power of God(so I believe). Yes, we already have the Holy Spirit but there is room for more of the power of the Holy Spirit to do what Jesus Promises we will do(raise the dead, heal the sick, set free the oppressed).

Nothing but the word. I am so grateful and I say this to encourage all who read this. Never give up on pressing into the word. Devour it like food. I can’t seem to even read anything else but the word. It is a true answer to prayer.

What little have I been reading? Well, I have been stirred to continue my study and pursuit of understanding the fear of the Lord. I am reading little by little The Fear of The Lord by John Bevere. I am curious to see how he understands it. So far, so good. Expect more on this subject.

Tennis weekly. Unfortunatly I have lost both series of games to girls. They seem to not try very hard and they win. I try as hard I can, with a sweatband, to get those backhands over just on the line enough to throw my racket up in victory, then get yelled at for mistreating the racket because its not mine. All  in all, being in the sun rocks and I am blessed that my Persian skin absorbs it and not burns.


Speaking of Persians. The family heritage has been 50 years without knowing where the dark skin and dark features come from. Of course from my mom but she hasn’t known her whole life until two months ago. An Internet service tracked down her real parents that gave her up for adoption. She found out that she is: Armenian, Assyrian and Persian. I conclude now that I am The Persian Prince, not of Bel-Air but of the O.C. And if you are of Turkish descent, my apologies for our history of belligerent hostility. I could playwright a play with the themes of West Side Story and The Outsiders only set in the middle east. The Turkish verse the Persians. Some serious oil barrel fighting(Z will appreciate this reference).

Life’s good and busy and sunny. And if you have a surfboard  I want it. Its going to be my first summer in Cali land so I would like to try to surf everyday and until I get a car I am going to have to carry whichever surfboard on my back while roller blading. And as I have mentioned in the past while roller blading to my server job in KC. If peeps gave me the stink eye there, how much more here? I mean, you are a little out of touch if you don’t have a Lexus, or BMW, or a car worth a house in other parts of the world.

Even with all its richness, this is still a nice place to be.

The deck shoes with Brown socks mean I am comfortable with my style and I think we should all be that way. If you want to wear some neon colors and maybe look like a safety cone, who’s gonna stop you? Only people will expect you to stop them, because you look like a cross guard.

I have been turning cd’s into tapes to play in my old school walkmen. Has it really been 10 years? Or even more? But I have decided to refer to RAP as an acronym of my own. Real Attributes of Power

Somewhere is here and here is good.

“He isn’t safe, but he’s good.” spoken by Lucy about Asland


On the way toward L.A. A soundooff Mae would say…

2 thoughts on “On The Thoroughfare To Somewhere, Pt. 3

  1. Now you struck a nerve talking about setting the oppressed free, meekness, the fruit of the Spirit I will totally agree that your path is the one to take for us all.
    I do believe love being the fruit of the Spirit and in that love we are our brothers keepers.
    To share the love God has shared with us.

    Knowing the Holy Spirit is speaking to you daily.
    Now all need be done is for us, you and I to tune our hearing the He may guide us into all truths.

    That we will become orchestrated by heaven and work in conjunction and act as Isaiah said, in the 6:8 When the LOrd said who will go for us and the Isaiah answered LOrd send me.

    We must become more Holy Spirit interactive that we may become instruments that the Lord may play beautiful music for the cause of Christ. To win souls that may be lost.

    All it will take is knowing how to become wise as serpent and humble as a dove.

    It sounds like you are willing, there are many adventures ahead for you.

    T. Nathan

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