Smells Like Summer

Smells Like Summer

A plain morning to accompany
The temperature in the air,
It smells like summer, the
Dusk perpendicular to the
Moon shining with all might
Glistening the open sea,
Standing at the shore
Searching like a carnivore
Scraping meat until bone
And marrow until raw
Truth is exposed,
Flipping a coin hoping
This summer wouldn’t
Be like the rest, set apart
To be the best like the last
Day of school heart attack,
Order is out of whack,
Slip n’ slide in tack and
Whatever Jack you want
To call, some say whiskey,
Other just fall—more in love,
Soaring above are the dreams
Of summer, waiting for the
Phone to ring, hoping the
Right people would echo
The string I’m dangling thin,
Resisting the urge to give in
To impatience as if the summer
Was in my hands, the sprinklers
On at my commands, the humidity
At my gratuity, the bugs and their
Annoying ability, the car clubs and
Their engine trophy senority,
Bringing my el camino, unashamed
To rub shoulders with the albino,
For summer isn’t about basement
Hideouts and sun spas, seeking
Tranquility for schools out
Forever, we should never say
Never, inhaling the mist of
Morning dew, watching fog
Slowly rise like yeast in bread,
Summer is about reviving the dead,
And speeding ahead with new
Cars, our weapons for going
Very far, the punks and their
Hostility but above all,
There is humility and the car
Robberies, to leave this town,
This plastered county, to escape,
To sound off to L.A., to start a
New day, for the smog is thicker
There, but it’s the smell of summer
That I am after, all its vivacity,
All its simplicity, picnic pack
Its on hills of emerald rolling,
And lastly remembering that
Through this pursuit of ditching
The clean cut suit is the chill
Of a thousand knives stabbing
My back as I bask in the ocean
As I return in forward motion
To the thing I am most afraid
Of, maybe loosing the summer,
Falling into slumber, for now,
I just breathe in and I hope it
won’t be forgotten.

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