Good- Bye


It was goodbye with three eyes blind

That I wait in the bread line waiting

For the world to feed me like a bad

Case of minority fever, just pull the

Lever to every clever thought that’s

Led me to run away from you,

Some God up in the sky that is

Waiving good- bye to the past in

Me, that makes haste to deliver me

From a world ready to satisfy me

Like a robot mechanism I so easily

Jump into what so easily will kill me

When senses fail and fade to black

Like burning this city times three with

Tobacco trances in the entrances of

My fortress guarded by some empathy

How’d you suffer with me, you become us,

You cause us to trust when we wave good-bye

To what we don’t understand, the world and

Its ways, the ocean and its waves, not one

Single surf eroding sand without his thumbs

Tilting the earth on its axes, am I a man just

Waving good-bye to past bike scenes where

Locks were left, stolen in seconds we

Walked around the mall, we left with a

Guilty stall to paint the wall our favorite

Color, is releasing tear dropped journal

Entries into the air my plight of despair,

As if text messaging could save me in

The middle of conversations, without

Altruism I seek a night at the museum

Where the ordinary would come to

Life, living like giving abundance is

Bland despondence to His name,

All he really wants is for me to

Believe that east never meets west,

That He is the very best friend I

Could ever amend and no matter

The distance He will show up

In my instance, today, now,

Cup of coffee ready for life

Today, I embrace your good-bye.

I press in until I die, I press in,

I wave good-bye to the past.

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