The issue of silence goes deep. I seek to expound more on this. This poem is the slight understanding that I feel I have so far. For silence strengthens and teaches us about our words.


Quitter to the twitter
Society I’m in like a
Vacuum sucking and
Waking me up in every
Hallway I walk through,
Silence to my status that
I might just pause on the
Importance of my complaint,
You desire freshly painted
Stories of histories of
Tragedies or psychologies
Of dreams and desires and
Each minute a new movie
Slides into the vcr, it sticks
Like tar my desire for the
World to know who I am,
For it is neither sin nor akin
To condemnation, rather silence
Strengthens and keeps senses
Alerted to the drunkenness of
The penniless, acute awareness
Of 90,000 homeless, for surely
We have discussed this, I must
Have power to dispel this great

I stay silent to what I don’t
Understand, the secret place
And its invitation to embrace
Him in every move I make,
For without Him I will break,
With my right hand I guard
This fortress of success, I
Take a stand for righteousness,
I do not dismiss the desire to
Be known, for surely you see
Me at home and alone, and the
Words that leak out of me, for
In the future would they be
Heavenly, would they bring
You glory, would my silence
Be more truthful then the things
I cannot control, this is my hope,
This is walking on a thin rope,
Trusting you alone.

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