What Shall My Message Be?

What Shall My Message Be?


Blessed Is He who is not offended because of me

Shall I tell you your story, how will he reveal his

Glory to the earth that was before our birth, steps

Laid that you cannot take away, carried or huddled

Shall the earth become disheveled, when dispensations

Don’t save the left behind rather me turn, kind am I

To judge the makings of beasts overturning middle

East’s you watch with daily feasts around the

Dinner table, thus is no fable, Israel is able

To survive with enemies at every side, I

Choose to hide and abide in you,

Asking this haunting question: what

Shall my message be?


I know for certain that one day

He will remove the curtain

Of earthly realities and light

A match to all my possessions

Stored up in barns, and in this

Harness I confess that I am

The only one coming out

Of my grave, for I know he

Can save and I know he gave

It all but that man on that

Stage I cannot be like him

I cannot repeat his revelation

I must be my own situation

I must hold onto my confession

And as I really walk day to

Day I will daily ask: what

Shall my message be? Will

I act and do according to

What you require of me?

Will my body be rip to shreds

Or will I face the dread of that

Day with boldness? Lord, I confess

I must live like this.

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