Out Of My Grave

Out Of My Grave


I’m the only one coming out of my grave

For surely you are mighty to save, and

This I gave up my rights at the cross of

Christ, you don’t desire my temptations

Of the wind to be overtaken, my soul’s

Aching for a holy weapon, a holy weapon,

A holy plan to stomp out the candle wax

Dripping on my wrist, you twist and turn

Me in the right direction, all you ask is

Submission, every area where I need

Your discipline, I stand in awe of the

Holy one, for I am not satisfied with

These stacks of the spirit of this age,

With Hollywood and its newest rage,

The hot spa burns hot, melts away my

Argument to your hard target,

My getting what I want you desire I die

To these things,

So much open for me, so much potential,

So much special placed inside all of us,

For I am the only one coming out of

My grave, I declare that if I don’t

Have you I am already burning in

Hell, My soul is not well and the

Day will come when all will see

And all will hear what you have

To declare, commendation from

God, condemnation to the rod

The enemies held over me,

For this I see, I’m in need of mercy.

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