A Word About Justice

I saw a movie earlier tonight that was the cliched story of a man who takes things into his own hands when the system does not give him the justice that he deserves. I want to express that I do not have all the answers to this issue because it is HUGE but I will say a few pertinent things you could selah on.

The Ruckus: God is the one that takes care of vengeance because He is the only one worthy to judge and keep men accountable for their actions. He is the judge and we are too not take vengeance into our own hands.

So, what do we do when what we cannot control comes against us. Because everyone has suffered  eft misunderstood at why life can be so harsh. Believer and unbeliever desires to reckon ineffable pain and suffering.

As I was watching this movie I was bombarded with the applause from the crowd that an ordinary man had his family taken away forom him. That the whole justice system must pay for its corruption.

The conclusion, we surrender it all to God. For everyone, lawyers, citizens will all answer before the judgment seat of Christ. And it is then that we are spoken for and God will take care of our enemies out of  His love for Justice and holiness. This is who He is.

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