First Sight

Som more Colorado nostalgia.

First Sight


10 Feet away I

Saw a white

Fence sprinkled

With teeny flakes

Of snow crystals

And pistols loaded

Would release

Five years of

An untold life

I sat back and

Listened to

The rack of


Stacked from

The past, I heard

It within me that

This is the man I

Want to be, starting

A family, living

With good company

Gathered around

The end-time story,

The fence stayed

Further then at

First sight, the light

Was bright upon

My face, the steam

Rose and took my

Place I heard two

Friends talk about

Dinners and movies

And their wives at

The mall, handling

The stall, piling

Clothes upon clothes

I floated with the mist

And forgot all of this

I rose to the thunder

And lightning around

The throne, I drowned

And drained the

Spa, I got taken and

Saw what I’ve always

Wanted to see, a place

Very far from me, a place

With no fences to

Protect me, a place

Out of the temporal

Conversations that

Made up mountain


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