The Four Step Curse

The Four Step Curse


Thursday and grey

Was the sky, it turned

To night as we woke

Up, Zack had to throw

Up and enter the disarray

Of where we all stayed

Flipped upside down

Pillows and couches

And lounge like

Dinner tables

Everything was

More real than fables

Maybe robbed, maybe

A prank we simply

Did think, but who

Would do such a thing?

Who would trick us

Like a game? The cops

Came, did their thing,

But we prayed like

Watchmen in every

Corner of our house

We trapped every

Mouse that stood

In the way, we concluded

That witches came,

We heard of the four

Step curse, slashed tires

Black cat fires,

Upside down was

An inch away from

A blood display

On every mirror

We would later

Look into as

We dug a fire pit

Piled the compromises

Hidden in shelves

And under the bed

Let Jacob do the

Digging he’s from

Texas, and then came

The text message

Kyle pranked us,

Sank us, worried

Us and still we

Threw away in

The fire whatever

Did inspire us to

Live far from Him,

The flames engulfed

The plastic tapes

Of eight years of

Endless babble,

Vinyl records and

Literature, no fire

Extinguisher just

The four step curse

That was not real

But what a steal

That we would

Now have a funny

Story to tell

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