Save The Cheerleader, Save The World

I had only heard that season one of heroes was good but very intense. Yes, to both of these things. When I watch a show(and the benefit to just getting the dvds) is that you can really get to know the characters and follow the backstory to who these characters are trying to become. This is why season one of any show is usually the best because the freshness of your relating to the characters hasn’t been shattered by something stupid, its still in its stage of development.

A movement of finding those with special abilities is the mission of Mohinder Suresh. He’s following his father’s research of unusual sitings in DNA from people all over. A highschool cheerleader is indestructible, Claire’s father knows about her secret and works for some kind of special organization trying to hunt down these speical people. Claire is among many who have these “special qualties.” Peter Petrilli and Nathan Petrilli both share the ability to fly only Peter can absorb other people’s powers once he is around them. Nathan is a senator but can fly. The list goes on of this ensemble. I have taken a rest from this show for now and I almost don’t want to see where it goes for fear it might start getting to crazy to keep track us..just like Lost…more layers equals more questions.

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