Get Out The Way

Lecrae boldly says in his rap: get out the way. Meaning one thing, get out-of-the-way and let God be God. I have found through the past few two years specifically that God has highlighted this area in my life and it has brought me to my knees. I am powerless apart from Him and what He wants is for me to die daily to what I feel is in the way; me. Me and us and mine and out issues dissolve when we find that Christ is the center of our existence.

When we let ourselves receive, not earn, but truly open our hearts to Him He breaks in in ways we cannot fathom. As Paul says, “No mind has seen, nor ear has heard what God has for those who love Him”

I long for the day when it will all go to wayside and we will see Him face to face. But until then we have the allotted time that He has given us to lay it all down.

So, what do we have to lose when we kill our issues with Calvary and enter into true sanctity and maturity,

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