The Foolishness Of Prayer, Pt. 2: Abiding In Him

To expound more on this topic I would like to briefly review what I said in my first post. To put to formula(as much as a religious spirit can cause us to systematically approach God but at the same time there is a formula that is simple.

Quick Review: Through prayer we encounter the knowledge of God. Knowledge equals experience. Experience builds our house on the rock, as Jesus told us in the Sermon on the Mount. It is paramount for us to understand that Jesus desires for us to have a solid foundation. The parable of the seeds of the word in our heart also help us understand that the world can be heard but not take root. Prayer helps the word take root and produce fruit.

John’s perspective: In the Gospels we have the differentiated views of the ministry of Christ. The main theme in John is Son Of God/Son Of Man, or better said, God is fully man and fully God. John clearly shows us the dynamic element of the Trinity. preparation for his death will bring the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit shall be the guiding force in which we continue our intimacy with Christ.And Christ only does what His father tells Him. Perfect obedience. A call for us to live that vivacious unfaltering trust.

Also, Jesus tells us who we are and what is our inheritance in Him. John 14-17 Jesus repeats Himself telling us that if we abide in Him He will give us what we want. But what we want comes from deep fellowship with God. God is not a salesman selling us items of our convenience.

That is not  the focus. He tells us that through experience of Him we will desire the Kingdom(Math. 6:33).

Conclusion: We abide. We are little children on the monkey bars trusting that He is watching us ready to pick us up when we hit the gravel. We lean on Him because as Peter said with all the gall he had in Him, where else where we go, He has the words of eternal life .

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