Me And My Martyr Friends

Me And My Martyr Friends

She will be riding on a purple

Horse taking the course of

History to make known to

Me and my martyr friends

Pull out our teeth to give

The confession that his

Holy precession will

Not be happening

Any time soon,

We are as children

Hanging on monkey

Bars waiting for Him

To catch our fall,

We are at the whims

Of despot criminals

And animals they

Treat the heat of

A Sunday walking

Man like they don’t

Belong to His creation

Me and my martyr friends

have something to offer

the world, our blood will

Have a reward only

Because He bled first

Shall we no longer

Thirst, rather blood puddles

Will morph into human

Frames brought to shames

Sake some will rise, but

The rest shall eternally

Be blessed, because

Me and my martyr friends

Will go down proclaiming

The Gospel, defeating the

Hostel, This shall be
Our story

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