The Presence Of The Father, Pt. 2

As I said yesterday, when we know we are dancing for our father it changes everything. It morphs our concept of the Sovereignty  of God with our identity as children of God.

To expound even more. I add this: Before we enjoy holiness(and strive for it) and before we enjoy walking in the Spirit and resisting the enemy. There(I believe strongly) has to be the foundation that God enjoys having us around. He is not capricious and angry at us.

An analogy: Pretend you are a little kid all over again and you have parents who strong-arm you into an athlete. They make you sign up for soccer, or baseball or any activity that you really don’t want to be in. Imagine living this way for years after years. At some point in your life you would most likely develop a disdain and harbor resentment in your heart because of their regulations over you.

How miserable would you feel in the presence of your earthly father and mother. You would not behave like a son, but rather a servant. Am I right?

Now turn the tables around and imagine the exact opposite. Dad, I love  soccer and basketball and hockey(my favorite one) could  you please, please, please sign me up. And with great joy your father gives you the desires of your heart. You are happy being a son and not bound to rules and regulations.

So what now: we find in the word  from Paul and Jesus that we are sons not slaves(read 8 and Romans 8). Read Colossians 2 and 3. Paul compares living pedantically verse living freely in His presence. And what transforms us is not rules but His presence.

Develop and pursue the knowledge of the Father and seek first His kingdom and all that you want to do will line up with what He wants you to do. And 100 percent of the time it is delighting in Him. Praise the Father for this glorious revelation.

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