Lost frustration

To quote David Letterman “next year we should look for the continuation of Lost, it will be called FOUND. Hilarious but true. For all the fans for the number one show on TV we are all wondering one thing. What the heck is happening with the final season. As crazy as this series has unfolded their still has been a steady storyline ending with suspense and the cliffhangers that DVR lets you fast forward that Verizon guy with the thousands of people signed up for that company. Lame, I use T-Mobile.

I have never been so lost. What is happening to the show. It has turned into a search for self-redemption. A focus that has left the onus on the show to answer the “questions.” But they have it all so crazy that the audience is truly Lost. Who is Jacob, really? And where is the connection between the crash not really happening and what is juxtaposed in the show?

Jack smashes his house in a mirror of his house as a kid. Locke is completly evil embodying the black smoke. But everyone might die and the island is not what it seems. But we still don’t know what it is. It still has not been made concrete. All I am expecting is for a giant cop out. They all were brought there to have their horrid pasts erased and outside the island they are all destined to meet each other. And please do not end it with a close-up eye shot on Jack saying it was just a dream. I saved those lives for no reason. Sawyer never got revenge. Kate never really escaped. Claire never found her baby. Sun never finds Jin and everyone is deceived by Locke. And now this week who is Richard and who is the diabolical devil scheming his way to corrupt everyone.

7 episodes left, I have no idea what to expect but I think its going to be a huge disappointment.

Let me know what you think. If you watch this show.

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