Now’s The Time

At the end of track one in Day’s Of Noah Corey says, “now’s the time!” He is referring to the urgency of the hour. Another way of saying urgency is the “intense awareness” of what God is doing in the earth right now and what is to come. IHOP language takes urgency to be the reason why we pray. I agree. But to explain it better I would say that we need to pray that we would have the urgency to pray with perseverance.

It always takes God to make us do anything of Him. We cannot desire Godly things unless God comes and fans the flame of our heart. Now’s the time for us to get God and get Him now. I was looking at the calendar today at Easter Sunday. And I can’t help but think of the multitudes of people that come out of hiding all  year to make an appearance at a church service. God loves all these people and He desires that we would be at church.

But more than just attendance. More than just a cordial invitation. God wants our hearts, our lives, our everything. And now is the time to go deeper than just showing up on Sunday. I am so convicted right now that we do not have that much time. We need to have God now, today. And He will meet us. Cry out to him, ” Now is the time!” God, now is the time for you to show up!

After days and months of crying out to him we gain the urgency of the hour. And we pray with this great awareness of Godliness.

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