The Power Of God

I feel like a powerless child with no arms and hands. I feel I have no ploy to reach the darkness around me. To pierce through it with something from heaven. I imagine myself setting people free with the words that come out of my mouth. But it feels like a make a wish foundation toss in the fountain.

I don’t say these things to render any false humility or sound like I have no clue what I am talking about. I am saying these things because the more I stare at the word and the promises of Jesus the more I see that it really takes giving Him everything to be able to “bear” “Handle” “embody” the power of God. We use words like “vessel of His glory.” Referring to committing ourselves to a lifestyle of what IHOP would call: prayer, fasting, deep and long meditation of the word and eating the scroll as Ezekial and John say. The scroll is bitter and sweet. It is the great and terrible Day of the Lord that we looking too. The culmination of darkness in a way we cannot imagine but a release of the potent Holy Spirit that will give us Revelation 12:10 “The power of our testimony through the blood of the lamb.”

I want to expand on this but to conclude. I leave you this ruckus. If it takes everything(strongly linked with the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle what will it take to reach a generation and set them free. Real freedom. Reel Isaiah 61:1-2.


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