I Reach Out

Keeping on track with the love of the Father there is the love of His word. When we love His word we are enriched with the truth. This gives is the vivacity to press past and through the flesh.

I have been pondering the verse in Psalms 119 that says, “I reach out for your commandments.” I have had the privilege of working for Trader Joes for the last year and a half(two weeks til KC) and I have observed over and over the copious amount of times that a little kid will start crying if left alone for just a few seconds. The father or mother assures their son or daughter that it will just take a second to pay. But these little ones still can cry. They are in dire need. I need of caring and love.

And that’s how I want to be before the Lord. Hungry for the dependence on Him over the independence of my own soul. I reach out O, Lord and I want everyone else that names the name of Christ to do the same. I want to be like that child crying to be held. Crying in dependence of His word.

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