The Source Of Inspiration

This I feel very strong about. As someone who is creative(an artist to society) I feel the onus is on believers to declare what we see in Scripture.

The lie: we have to feast on things of this world to be inspired to create for God, or about God. The deception we can succumb to is the lie that “being in the world and not of it” doesn’t apply to creativity. I don’t think we need to say never again am I watching a movie. If that be the case for you then obey. But at the same time I think we are in the world to be lights in the world. And for the artist it does mean that our source of inspiration should be from heaven.

I am all for saying that we need more of God and less of this world. And less of the spirit of the age. And we need to live convicted with our eyes and hearts guarded or else we will be just like everyone else.

We  are called to be Holy unto the world. And yes we need to interact with people who don’t think like us. And when it comes to creativity(writing, music, film, exc)  we need the power of the Holy Spirit to show us what to do.

God, come and inspire and let everyone else burn.

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