She Has

She Has

She has sat at the right hand

Hand of God, She has used

The rod of correction to

Give us direction, she has

Each portion and motion

Of momentum in the asylum

She speaks freedom, to the

Right of her fight are the

Crackling logs in the fireplace

Of her heart its burning and

Learning is all we knew how

To do, to see travail prevail

Was the grinding rail for

The skaters on the block

She would always shocK

Us with rhythm and rhyme

And deliver it on time

Before skateboarding

Was passenger boarding

Before hockey was

Jetway getaways,

Before the day

Was the proverbs

And the verbs that

Love is not an idea

But the woman that

I can’t thank enough,

For I am stuck on

The word and what

I got wrecks the

Clubs, I pray it

Would stay that

Way for she is

The bright and

Morning star

I look in darkness

I see her starkness

I choose to try

To weep again

Over His word

And her sword

Passing down

To me

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