Just Got To Say

On a serious, funny and random note. It is snowing today which fills me with so much bliss!. Bliss might not be your adjective to how you feel about the snow.Some might go as far as to hate the snow or despise it but I love it. When I look outside and see the snow I immediatly revert back to growing up in Colorado happily shoveling snow(for money of course). I feel like it was just yesterday when I was in between fire in the night track one and two. I shoveled the snow at my parents house while listening to Mike Bickle sermons, both made my want to stay outside for the whole day. I think I need some Tiberlands and might as well get some long socks and JNCO’s while I am at it( but not really) I have always just seen the boots worn with long shorts, maybe that doesn’t exist anymore.

On a serious note.I am inviting you into the revelation of giving Jesus everything. Maybe I need to talk about this more but do you ever wonder about how we have season of weather? Why does God do that? Well, in eternity I might get that answer. But rain, shine, snow, sun, and more snow I want to love Jesus through every season(literally) and in my Spirit, my heart, my strength. Math. 22:37-40 is not just about when you feel like it give Jesus your whole heart. He was and is always calling us to a higher place to be with Him where He is(read John 17).

It is so easy to say yes when the season you are in feels so good but for a lot of you(myself included) what if we still give Him everything regardless of the weather, the cold and the freeze your face off wind  blowing.

I don’t know about you but I want to live that way. How about you?

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