I know I am getting older but can

You sit with me just a little while

Longer, can you grow my hair

Longer, stronger and larger than

Ever, can I grow old with you,

With endless strands of hair

Can I pour my bottle of

Fragrance, break the alabaster

On the cardboard floor where

You box me in and let me grow

Older, the calendar flip I cannot

Turn it off, the gaze at you I cannot

Stop but say Holy over and over

In my head when you give me

Me visions, dizzy in my bed,

Falling asleep as the world

Keeps moving, I cannot

Control time and you cannot

Control me for what shall

We do when we are done

Getting older what will we

Say on that day when age

Matters no more, our life

Spread out on the floor,

Open and broken before


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