The Power Of Fasting

Its good to be back writing for this site. I love it! Today, I want to talk about the power of fasting. You might be thinking, ugggh..fasting is so hard! Why? Well, that is a normal response but let me give some clarity to this.

Fasting in the bible is mentioned multiple times. There are many types of fasting. I don’t want to define where and why these are in scripture. I want to focus on the one most common to myself and those around me; the bridegroom fast.

There are two passages(Math.9;John 3 that connect the concept of fasting for the bridegroom. In Mathew 9 the religious leaders of the day questioned Jesus’ disciples and why they don’t fast. Jesus responded: “Can the friends of the bridegroom mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them? But the days wil come when the bridegroom will be taken away from, and then they will fast.

Jesus is telling us that we are His bride, this is highlighted all over in Scripture. Second, He is saying that He is going to one day NOT be with us and that is when we will fast. But why? ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for they will be filled..right? Yes, we know that the only thing that will satisfy us is Jesus. The ache on the inside of us is the longing that God placed in us to be with Him in intimacy. But while we are alive on this side of eternity we are longing for Jesus to, one, come back for us! That is glorious! And we are also crying out to be satisfied. He is the answer to that groan.

Jesus is the bridegroom and we desire for Him to return. Jesus is telling us: fast until I come back. John the Baptist proclaimed that ‘His joy was full because He heard God’s voice..He must increase, I must decrease!’ John got a hold of this revelation.

So what does fasting do for us and in us? Fasting(food, media, sugar, exc)

1. Makes our heart more receptive to His word and in prayer.

2. Gives us clarity in wisdom and revelation.

3. Unlocks our hearts in a greater way.

4. Makes a bigger target to receive more from God.

5. Causes us to face our weaknesses

6. Produces the fruit of the Spirit inside of us(Gal.5)

I encourage you to take one day a week and fast two of three meals. Eat one good meal that day. Take the time that you would spend eating or having that social time with your friends and tell your parents about it and spend time with the Lord in that time.

Fasting is not about not doing something, its about getting more from the Lord in the secret place.

If you can’t fast two meals then just do one and as time goes on your body will be used to it and it will be a little easier to enter in as time goes on. Just start small, it all counts before the Lord!

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