Here’s The Future But No Promises

Well I am back at taking time to invest in the writer in me to actually produce stuff or else how am I a writer in public?

I’ve made a million promises on this blog as to where I want to go with the Ruckus. The current loud-smashing news of my perspective and my ploys to create. Ambition must meet intention must meet reality and production. Making Ideas Happen is on the list of books to read that might help with that.

Last year I hit a vein, not a literal vein, although I could discuss how getting blood drawn is the worst experience ever, its up there with the dentist.

I had the pleasure this past summer with my job with Awakening Teen Camp(led by my best bro Zack attack!) to work with amazing people. This past year I taught 8 sessions on media in an elective 2 hour format. It was a lesson learned in time for sure. But in preparation for the class I gleaned on one major source. Story by Robert McKee.This book will transform your life if you want to write for the screen. It has made a huge impact, a paramount one in regards to how the future looks.

So, 100 pages later of notes(almost) I had a ton of material that I really didn’t go through. Its an endless subject and why not bring you into it.

So look closely into this blog and look forward to my thoughts on mastering the art of storytelling and the future of stories to come. It will do nothing but inspire you to write with passion and love for reviving storytelling.

Recommended Readings: Story by Robert Mckee; Screenplay by Syd Field; Fitzgerald Did Itby Meg Wolitzer; Poetics By Aristotle and many more to come!



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